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We began by updating resumes so that they worked. We also updated the Cover Letter and References. They were so effective it boggled our minds!

The Secrets to Writing an Effective Resume Package was born… BUY NOW 

Clients had Big Picture Career Questions

So we created a proprietary questionnaire that helps each individual determine what his/her strengths are and what they enjoy doing the most.  Freebies

Okay, you have your Resume Package, Now What?

Having a solid resume package was only the first step. We found that folks needed help knowing where to load their resume package, how to target the jobs they want and how to spend as little time as possible doing all of that.

Thus we created step-by-step instructions on how to put your name out there. Social Media, Work Search Sites, and what exactly to do on each. When you spend about Two Hours on each electronic job application, this information makes a big difference.

The Secrets to Optimizing Social Media and Managing Your Search was born… BUY NOW 

The effective resume format we use, which is a big change for most people, has turned out to be highly successful. Sarah created this resume out of other pieces of resume formats that she found worked.

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