Why WEA? (Beta)

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Ending at 8:00 pm Sunday, October 27, 2019.

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Dianna was out of work for several years and came to WEA for a resume package. Sarah wrote her resume, cover letter and references as outlined in the eBooks and videos (Products), and in three weeks she had multiple interviews and was hired! Dianna is still working today.

WEA provides multiple tools and support throughout the process.

  • eBooks with the Three Secrets, industry rules, exercises, examples and a 5- to 8-minute video overview.
  • Three email sessions for support.
  • On-line templates.
  • Brief weekly videos with the latest in employment.
  • Updated eBooks as they are published.

I am so excited about sharing the secrets to anybody who is looking for work! WEA wants you to be a success.


Sarah, Women’s Employment Advocacy (.com)

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